How to run Honkai:Star Rail in Hyper-V VM


Basically, You just need to bypass the anti-cheat system.


  • A VM with GPU (GPU-Partition or DDA)
  • Memory integrity needs to be disabled in the VM

Disable your anti-virus software and download the files below:

This zip file contains StarRail.dll, the actual file do the bypass:
RAMMap, a tool from Sysinternals:

1. Config the Extreme-Injector like the screenshot below, then run it with elevated privileges.

2. Run the game normally.
3. If you see this prompt, then you successfully bypass the anti-cheat. Now you can run this game session in VM as long as you want.

It’s normal if the injection fails. Just retry from step 1.

After multiple runs, the success rate of injection will be super low. RAMMap can help with that.
Run this command in your terminal with elevated privileges.

[Path to the file]\RAMMap.exe -Et

This will clear all the cached memory, and the injector should work again.

Other resources:

Sunshine config:

Auto_Simulated_Universe (Farm simulated universe fully automatically)

StarRailAssistant (Farm the open-world resources automatically)

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